012115 show
Tonight on my first show for 2015 I recapped Deflategate and the Packers blowing it. I also talked about a guy who died after playing video games for 3 days. @acinthe715 and @tfpwilleat called in during open phones. also talked wrestling and Max Scherzer.

121714 show
Tonight on my final show, I was joined in an open phones show by @icegelski @acinthe715 @tfpwilleat @bradinkc and @thebaseballgirl. I also dropped a pipe bomb on Bo Pelini

121014 show
Tonight on the show I was joined by @MarkTheNomad to talk about Michigan/Big Ten/College Basketball. Also recapped Mike Riley being hired as Nebraska’s football coach, Nebraska lost to Incarnate Word in basketball, and @JonDeFullerton called in to give away of photo of @duncanstein and Mike Trout.

120314 show
Tonight on the show I was joined by Brian Towle (@btbowling) to recap the firing of Bo Pelini of Nebraska. Also…Twitter Award Nomination Night!!!!

111914 show
Tonight I came live on the air as Creighton defeated Oklahoma 65-63. I then talked to Brian Towle (@btbowling) on the Huskers and Jessica Kleinschmidt (@kleinschmidtjd) called to talk about Billy Butler joining the A’s and other baseball stuff.
111214 show
Tonight on the show I finally recapped what I felt after the Royals lost The World Series, I was then joined by The Baseball Girl (@TheBaseballGirl). Then 90 minutes of #AskJoeAnything

100814 show
Tonight on the show I reacted to the Kansas City Royals advancing to the ALCS, also went over all the MLB playoff action, discussed College Football, did the “Power” Power Rankings and had a phone call from Jon De Fullerton (@jondefullerton), huge Angels fan.

100114 show
Tonight on the show I reacted to the Kansas City Royals incredible win over Oakland in the Wild Card. I also spoke with Brian Towle of Corn Nation (@btbowling) about Nebraska/Big Ten/Collection and I also spoke with MLB and NFL writer/podcast host Jessica Kleinschmidt about her Oakland Athletics (@kleinschmidtjd).

092414 show
Tonight on the show I was joined by Dave in New York to talk about the Ryder Cup and all things golf. Also did the “Rose” power rankings. Dean No Longer in O stopped by and plenty of MLB as well.

091014 show
Tonight on the show I recapped the Ray Rice saga, spoke with Brian Towle (@btbowling) about Nebraska/Big Ten. Also talked some MLB, NFL, and famous “Shields”

090314 show
It was open phone night on the show! My friend Libby in Omaha called, along with Ish in Memphis (@ishinmemphis), JonofFullerton (@jondefullerton) and longtime guest Jessica Kleinschmidt called as well (@kleinschmidtjess). Talked plenty of college football, NFL, MLB, UFC, Golf, Wrestling, and my 10 year anniversary of my first call to the Jim Rome Show.

082714 show
Tonight I was joined by @MarkTheNomad to discuss College Football and a little MLB. Also had my Joe in Bugaha Show Fantasy Football Draft Draw live on the air tonight.

081314 show
Tonight I was joined by Brian Towle (@btbowling) to talk Huskers, my dad called in to talk about Sung Woo Lee and the Royals, Greg (@EvilMechanic) called in to talk golf, and we did #AskJoeAnything for about an hour.

080614 show
Tonight I was joined by Dave in New York again to talk PGA Championship, Tiger, Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson, and more! Also talked about South Korea loving the Royals, baseball, and UFC !
071614 show
Tonight on the show i was joined by Dave in New York to preview the Open Championship and talk golf in general. @icegelski called to talk World Cup. Show got a little dicey towards the end with some tech issues. sorry about that. Last show for awhile. Talk to you in August.

070914 show
Tonight on the show I was joined by Jess MLB (@kleinschmidtJD) to talk baseball and fantasy football. Also had @icegelski on to talk World Cup.

062514 show
Tonight on the show @icegelski returned to break down the World Cup. Plenty of NBA talk along with a recap of the new Wendy’s commercial.

061814 show
Tonight on the show I was joined by @TheGonzoinSA and @pooldoc1 to talk about the Spurs and also talked about the Royals winning 10 in a row, Tony Gwynn, World Cup, and a large amount of laundry chat for some reason

061114 show
Tonight on the show I talked to @icegelski about the World cup. I also recapped The Belmont stakes, and Previewed the college World Series and US Open

052114 show
Tonight on the show I talked NBA, MLB, NHL, and a little wrestling with @acinthe715 at the end of the show. No show next week.

051414 show
Tonight on the show I was joined by Jessica Kleinschmidt of sportsnaut.com and @jessmlb on twitter to talk baseball. I also talked about the Baller-Lifestyle draft, which was conducted by Brian Beckner (@brianbeckner) on twitter two weeks ago.

050714 show
Tonight on the show I talked about the NFL Draft, compared NFL QB’s to WWE group Evolution, talked to Brian Towle (@btbowling) about all things Nebraska, EPL, Royals, Bud Selig, and a phone call from @icegelski.

042314 show

The Joe in Bugaha show returned to Stucknut radio on Wednesday the 23rd. Show topics included my trip to The Masters, How I Met Your Now Dead Mother, and The Ultimate Warrior
031014 show
Tonight was my final show for awhile…maybe a long time. I talked #Bracketology and had a host of callers. Thanks to all who listened.

030314 show
Tonight on the show I was joined by Jessica Kleinschmidt (@jessmlb) to discuss all things baseball. Also discussed bracketology, and had a call with @Duncanstein about his upcoming new podcast. Also talked about extinct technology.

021714 full show
Tonight on the show I was joined by Brian Towle (@btbowling) to talk all things Nebraska (and bowling and curling). I also talked Bracketology, Creighton/Nebraska Hoops, Olympics, Dumb NCAA rules, Full House, and more! Greg (@evilmechanic) also called the show.
021014 full show
Tonight on the show I was joined by Blaise in KC (@blaiseinKC) to talk about his time on the Jim Rome show and other things, also had thoughts on Marcus Smart, Michael Sam, Bracketology, and @Crapsandviche had a photoshop which left me speechless

012714 show
Tonight I was joined by Dan from DC (@danfromDC) to talk Redskins and NFL. I was also joined by ACinthe715 (@acinthe715) to talk Royal Rumble and Wrestling in general. Plenty of other topics were discussed as well.

011314 show
Tonight on the 1st show of the year I said goodbye to the Kansas City Chiefs, had a great interview with Silk Brah, introduced the first member of the Joe in Bugaha Hall of Fame, provided details of my Royal Rumble pool. I then began to talk about Teen Mom from Council Bluffs. It got a little heated, so i’ll warn you before you listen to that part.

120913 show
Tonight on my final show of the year I discussed College Football, Nebraska-Creighton, MLB Hot Stove, Roy Halladay and the Hall of fame, played some old clips from the year, and talked about this photo: http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/yourcommunity/2013/12/womans-reaction-to-engagement-season-photo-wins-the-internet.html

Talk to you all in 2014!

120213 show
Tonight’s show consisted of mainly announcing my Twitter award nominations, plus the opening segment had some thoughts on College Football.

112513 show
Open phone night on my show. A big thanks to @icegelski and @silkbrah for calling in during hour 2. Lot of NFL talk, Thanksgiving, Family Guy, and MLB were some of the other discussions as well.

111813 show part 1
Part 1 of my November 18, 2013. I was joined by Heath Gunderson (@heathwgunderson) to discuss UFC 167 and Creighton Basketball. My buddy Jerry even made an appearance. Also spoke with Brian Towle (@btbowling) to discuss Nebraska and College Football.
111813 show part 2
Part 2 of my November 18, 2013, featured my thoughts about the JFK assassination anniversary. However, my tweeps soon took over the show with their derogatory tweeps. This segment also included an appearance by Ryan in Wichita (@ryaninwichita). Listen at your own risk and don’t listen if you are easily offended..by anything.
110413 show
Tonight on the show I was joined by @MarkTheNomad and @IshinMemphis called to respond to @MarkTheNomad. I also talked Nebraska’s Hail Mary win, The Chiefs, Richie Incognito, Breeders Cup, other Hail Mary passes, and more!

102813 show
Tonight on the show I talked to Brian Towle of SB Nation about Nebraska and the Cowboys. Also discussed The World Series, Chiefs, Vodka Samm, Breeders Cup, NBA, Florida St-Miami, and more!
102113 Heath Gunderson
Myself and my buddy Jerry had about a 35 minute conversation tonight with Heath Gunderson of Bluejay Banter, which can be heard Mondays 6-7pm ct on 1620thezone in Omaha and 1620thezone.com. We talked Creighton basketball, Big East basketball, and UFC 166.
102113 show
Tonight on my show I was joined in studio by my buddy Jerry. We talked with Heath Gunderson of Bluejay Banter on 1620thezone.com in Omaha. We also talked about a lot of random stuff.

101413 show
Tonight on the show I talked about my trip to Dallas for Texas-Oklahoma, @IshinMemphis called in to talk about his trip to Houston and getting to meet everyone on Twitter. Also had some discussion on the 2003 ALCS and NLCS given the 10 year anniversary of Aaron Boone and Steve Bartman. UFC talk as well.

100713 show

Tonight on the show I talked about the crazy ending to Ohio St-Northwestern and how it effected gambling, I also talked to Brian Towle @btbowling about Nebraska, College Football, and food. I also talked about fast food, TV sitcom cast fights, and more food. 2 minutes of hockey as well.

093013 show
Tonight on the show I had a conversation with Dave in New York about the 2013 PGA Season and a preview of the Presidents Cup. Also talked College Football, plenty of baseball, a little NFL, and of course Full House!

091613 show
Tonight I discussed the Bo Pelini “F the fans” audio that leaked today along with Bo Pelini going after Tommie Frazier and the overall state of Nebraska football. After my thoughts, Brian Towle @btbowling joined me to discuss it as well. Then I had a conversation with Dean No Longer in Omaha (DeanNoLongerInO) and we were joined by Brendan in Wilmington (diarrhea). After that, @duncanstein called to comment on the interview.  A Jim Ross tribute closed the show.

090913 show
Tonight on the show I talked MLB in the open! Also had a 40 minute conversation with Michigan honk @markthenomad. Also discussed some College Football, NASCAR, boxing, and hardly any NFL. I call this Not Lazy Radio because i didn’t get suck in by the NFL!

090913 mark the nomad

Here is my interview with @MarktheNomad from 9/9/2013. Discussed Michigan, Big Ten Football, Detroit Tigers, 1997 National Championship, 2005 Alamo Bowl, and more!

090213 show

Tonight on my show I was joined by my good friend @artichoat as he ran the board for the first time. Plenty of College Football recap and NFL previews!!! Also talked about an Iowa female student blowing a .341 and another Full House reunion.

Paul Greco 081213

Here is my 2013 Fantasy Football preview conversation with Paul Greco of FF Central on Google Plus.

081213 show

Tonight I talked Fantasy football 2013 with Paul Greco of FF Central on Google Plus. Also talked about meeting @duncanstein in Chicago on Friday. @icegelski also called the show and i talked about cable/satellite/channel price wars. Enjoy this show, as I’m off again until August 26th

080513 show

Tonight I talked the MLB Suspensions, a conversation with Brian Towle about College Football, a take on Jodie Sweetin which led to an insane night on twitter, and more! The tweets in hour 2 are really…something.

072913 Dan from DC

Here is the interview with Dan from DC from July 29, 2013.

072913 show

Tonight I was joined by Dan from DC, who hosts a show on Sunday Mornings at 10:30 a.m. Eastern on 1580 CBS Sports Radio in Washington D.C. Also talked A-Rod, Baseball, Full House (again), and more!!

TGIF talk 070113

On my July 1 show, with about 10 minutes left, I brought up a story about Full House, particularly Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky. It turned into a 41 minute conversation. Dean No Longer in Omaha was in studio to join me. Check it out!

Adam Clanton 072213

Here is my interview with Adam Clanton of SportsTalk790 in Houston. Enjoy!

072213 show

Tonight I was joined by Dave in New York to talk about The Open Championship, and Adam Clanton from SportsTalk790 in Houston spoke with me about Houston Sports, Johnny Manziel, Jesse and the Rippers, and more! Also your bizzarre tweets and a call-in from Pooldoc!!

070813 show

no guests tonight, but I talked about meeting Steve Elkington, my new Bryce Harper jersey, the MLB All-Star game, a dead Cleveland Browns fan request, Yasiel Puig, and more!

070113 show
For this show I was joined by Dean No Longer in Omaha! (@deannolongerin0). We talked Husker football, 80s/90s TV, emails to Rome/Jay Mohr, and more!!

For June 5, 2013, I talked about the Royals, a conversation with Dave in New York about Tim Clark’s possible litigation about using the belly putter and a US Open preview. I also previewed the Jim Rome Hackoff with a Ryan in Wichita tribute of sorts, conversations Ish in Memphis and Ryan in Wichita. A Belmont Stakes preview, a weird horse race replay, MLB batters who hit under .200 and more!!

For this May 13, 2013, show, I talked The Royals, How I Met Your Mother, Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Tim Tebow playing in Omaha, Council Bluffs Teen Mom Porn, and More!

04012013 ShowFor my final show before hiatus, I talked the horror of Wichita St making the final four, had a conversation with @icegelski81 about Wrestlemania, and gave you MLB Predictions for 2013.

032513 show
Tonight I made the announcement that following next week’s show, The Joe in Bugaha show will go on hiatus for an unknown period of time. I just need some time off. As for show topics, I recapped the NCAA Tournament, gave a Royals prediction, and talked some other stuff as well.
031813 show
Tonight I spoke about the NCAA Tournament, gave my Final Four predictions, talked UFC 158, talked golf with Dave in New York (@dcpga), World Baseball Classic, The fake Bo Pelini bracket, your tweets, and more!

031113 show
Tonight I spoke about Creighton’s win in the MVC Tournament, Husker Football/Basketball with Brian Towle (@btbowling), Bracketology, UFC, Wrestlemania, and had some phone callers!
030413 show
Tonight I spoke about Bracketology, Creighton moving to the Big East, a conversation with Shea in Irving, Miss Teen Delaware gets into porn, The Chiefs, Wrestlemania, and more!!
Shea in Irving
Here is my conversation with Dan Patrick Show caller Shea in Irving. We talked gambling, Texas Rangers, Cowboys, Mavericks, Dan Patrick Show, and more!

021813 show
This show features an excellent interview with former Jim Rome caller Mark in Boston (@MarktheNomad) on twitter. Also discussed Bracketology, UFC 157, Danica Patrick, and more!. In honor of females headlining UFC 157 and Danica Patrick winning the pole at Daytona, tonight’s music was exclusively female singers

021113 show

Tonight I was joined by my friends “Jerry” and “The Artic” a little bit of a different show. We talked College Basketball, Creighton, Hot Girlfriends of College Football Players, Bibi Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Don Mattingly, Golf, and more!
February 4 show
I had some technical difficulties before and during the show I apologize for that. Tonight I was joined by Brian Towle of CornNation.com to discuss National Signing Day, Ryan in Wichita from The Jim Rome Show Hackoff was on at the mid point of the show (WARNING…his interviewed contained comments by him that may upset people…just WARNING you). I also discussed The Super Bowl, UFC 156, and Bracketology.

Brian Beckner on Joe in Bugaha 012113

Brian and I discussed McRibs, his height, homeowner’s associations, Full House, Travis Rodgers, a little sports, and more.
Dan in DC on the Joe in Bugaha show 012813

Dan and I discussed his 2000 smackoff call, Tony Kornheiser, DC Sports, The Super Bowl, Bison Dele, Dikembe Mutombo, and more.

January 28 show

Tonight I was joined by Jim Rome jungle legend Dan in DC (at about the 20 minute mark). Also went on The Gonzo in SA’s show live in San Antonio for a few minutes to talk about the Royal Rumble. Also discussed Super Bowl prop pets, Super Bowl predictions, Super Bowl halftime shows, and more!

January 21 show podcast
I will have individual podcasts for these segments later but I was joined by @Icegelski at the 30 minute mark and then at about the 60 minute mark I was joined by Brian Beckner. I also talked NFL football, someone’s awesome back yard in West Omaha, Manti T’eo, and more.

December 17 showThis was my year in review. It was also full of Christmas Music. I gave my thoughts on the Year in Sports. I also went over the following items
-Twitter Awards
-Replay of Val in Omaha calling the show
-Reply of Jim Rome on a mobile calling the show
-A review of my reaction to the end of Packers-Seahawks
-Larry Hagman’s Liver Tribute

Dec 10-Part One

Dec 10-Part 2

November 26 show

Segment 1: College Football recap
Segment 2: Interview with Brian Towle about Big Ten title game
Segment 3: A Tribute to Larry Hagman…and his liver (link below)
Segment 4: A variety of topics

Larry Hagman tribute

November 19 show

Segment 1: College Football recap/Discussion of the hot mom from the Samsung Mobile Video Commercial
Segment 2: Discussion with Brian Towle of Corn Nation about College Football realignment/Nebraska/Iowa
Segment 3: #BigFan winner revealed!!!! Cobie Smulders or CJ Parker? Twitter awards preview
Segment 4 and 5: Variety of topics (UFC 154/Silva-GSP Super Fight/Heisman Trophy/Marlins-Bluejays Trade/)

November 12 show

Segment 1: College Football recap
Segment 2: Interview with Paul Greco (separately listed below)
Segment 3: #BigFan Semifinals
Segment 4: Interview with Dave in New York about Q-School and the PGA Tour
Segment 5: UFC 154 preview and Lakers talk

Paul Greco interview

Interview with Paul Greco about MLB Hot Stove, AL MVP, and NFL

November 5 show

Tonight’s show was basically 6 different parts. The whole show is above

1. Jim Rome’s horse wins a Breeders Cup Race
2. Interview with Brian Towle (@btbowling on twitter) about Nebraska/Big 10 football.
3. Interview with Jerry Jones on a Mobile (must listen)
4. Quarterfinals of my Big Fan Bracket Challenge (must listen)
5. Tip your pizza drivers or get your front door urinated on
6. College Football/NBA/College Basketball talk

October 29th show

Tonight I recapped College Football, had the round of 16 in the Joe in Bugaha #BigFan bracket challenge, and some brief MLB talk, along with an NBA preview

October 22nd show

Tonight I was joined by Brian Towle of Corn Nation to talk about Nebraska’s win against Northwestern. I also talked College Football to talk the show. My #BigFan bracket challenge started and that’s halfway through the audio. I also discussed some other MLB tickets and UFC.

October 8 show

Tonight I was joined by Brian Towle of Corn Nation to talk about Nebraska’s blowout loss at Ohio State. Other topics included an overweight, pasty NC State fan, Bobby Valentine, Omar Vizquel’s Hall of Fame Chances, RA Dickey pitching with a torn abdominal muscle, and some UFC talk.

October 4 podcast

Internet was down tonight, but I still broke down my 2012 MLB Regular season predictions, gave an AL Playoffs preview to go along with my NL Playoffs preview for Monday, and gave you my World Series winner

October 1 show

Tonight i spoke about the USA melting down at the Ryder Cup, Nebraska’s game against Wisconsin, information about my upcoming #BigFan bracket, predicted the winner of the National League in the Playoffs, spoke with Dave in New York about The Ryder Cup, and some UFC

September 24 show

Tonight on the show, I spoke with Brian Towle of Corn Nation (part of SB Nation) to talk Nebraska/Big Ten, I spoke with Dave in New York about the Ryder Cup, I inducted The Big Ten to the Piece of Crap Club. I also went nuts at the end of the show after the crazy ending to the Seahawks/Packers

September 17 show

Tonight on the show, I recapped a ton of stuff including NFL Replacement officials, NFL action from the weekend, College Football, MLB, UFC, a bunch of your tweets and more. In addition, I apologized to Val from Omaha and offered her the ability to make my survivor pick next week…with an exception its a reasonable pick.

September 10 show

Tonight I was joined by Brian Towle from Corn Nation (part of SB Nation) to talk about the downfall of Nebraska football. In addition, Val from Omaha gave a call to the show to ask for some advice on her NFL Survivor Pool. Also discussed week 1 of the NFL and MLB.

September 3 show

Tonight I recapped Week 1 of College Football, gave my NFL predictions for the year, discussed Stephen Strasburg being shut down for the year, and recapped Rory McIlroy’s victory and discussed Ryder Cup Captains picks with Dave in New York. Also got a call from @Lcegelski81.

August 27th show

Tonight was a College Football preview show where I was joined by Brian Towle of Corn Nation/SB Nation to discuss Nebraska and the Big Ten. I also touched on the big trade between the Dodgers and Red Sox and UFC 151 being cancelled.

Jim Rome on a Mobile joins Joe in Bugaha-August 20th

Trust me, you will want to listen to Jim Rome on a Mobile.

August 20th show

Tonight, I was joined by Jim Rome on a Mobile, had calls from Dave in New York, and Mike in the Ville, also discussed a variety of MLB topics, Augusta National admitting two female members, and more!

August 13th show

Tonight, I was joined by Dave in New York (@dcpga) on twitter to recap the PGA Championship. I also shared my thoughts on Lolo Jones, the Olympics in general, Stephan Strasburg, Mike Trout, UFC 150, plus played some of the best TV theme songs all night, including listener suggestions.

August 6th show

On this show, I was joined by Brian Towle of Huskerlocker.com to talk about Nebraska football’s fall camp. I was also joined by Dave in New York (@dcpga) on Twitter to talk about the PGA Championship & recap the WGC at Firestone. Also discussed MLB Facebook pages being hacked, Olympics, UFC, and More

July 30-Paul Greco Interview

Here is the Paul Greco interview portion of my show. I highly encourage you at least check this out. He is the owner/managing editor of Gotham Sports Media, Associate editor of Baseball Digest, and fill-in host on 760 The Ticket in San Antonio.

July 30 show (Full Show)

On 7/30/2012 I am joined by Paul Greco, associate editor of Baseball Digest (@paulgreco) on Twitter to discuss baseball, as well as fantasy football. I also recap horrible Take Me Out To the Ball Game Versions at Wrigley Field, discuss the Olympics, NFL Hall of Fame Game and more!

July 23 show

On 7/23/2012 I am joined by Dave in New York (@dcpga), who is a golf pro to discuss the Open Championship. Also

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