Piece of Crap Club

There are no set rules or guidelines that makes one a member of this club. Jim Rome used to have this club, but chose to get rid of it. Therefore, I am adopting it for my site.

#10 Big Ten Football (2012)

This non-conference performance is piece of crap worthy. Oh, and thanks to Ohio State on probation, there are no Big Ten teams in the first BCS poll.

BCS Non-Conference wins

Northwestern 42 Syracuse 41 (road game)
Northwestern 23 Vanderbilt 13
Northwestern 22 Boston College 13
Minnesota 17 Syracuse 10
Ohio St 35 California 28

BCS Non-Conference Losses

Notre Dame 20 Michigan State 3
UCLA 36 Nebraska 30
Iowa State 9 Iowa 6
Alabama 41 Michigan 14
Notre Dame 13 Michigan 6
Oregon State 10 Wisconsin 3
Notre Dame 20 Purdue 17
Arizona St 45 Illinois 14
Virginia 17 Penn State 16

Other Notable Losses

Central Michigan 32 Iowa 31
Ball St 41 Indiana 39
Ohio 24 Penn St 14
Louisiana Tech 52 Illinois 14

Other Notable Games

Michigan State 23 Eastern Michigan 7
Iowa 18 Northern Illinois 17
Iowa 27 Northern Iowa 16
Indiana 24 Indiana St 17
Wisconsin 26 Northern Iowa 21
Wisconsin 16 Utah State 14
Wisconsin 37 UTEP 26
Michigan 31 Air Force 25

#9 The 2012 Houston Astros

The play of Jose Altuve is probably the lone bright spot on the Astros this year

The 2012 Major League Baseball season has not ended, but that did not stop the 2012 version of the Houston (dis)Astros from entering my famed piece of crap club. But just exactly how did the Astros get there? On June 28, the Astros were 32-43, which was somewhat respectable considering the Astros were 56-106 last year. It was even thought that the Astros may not end up with the worst record in baseball in 2012 (they still may not). However, this stretch of baseball played by the Astros is historically bad and cannot be overlooked.

On June 29th, the Astros began a 9 game losing streak and went into the All-Star break 1-10 over their final 11 games.

Coming out of the all-star break, the Astros went 1-15 which included a 12 game losing streak. So, if you are scoring at home, that is separate 9 and 12 game losing streaks within 30 days.

They went 2-9 over their next 11 games before winning 2 in a row for the first time in nearly six weeks on August 10th and August 11th versus Milwaukee. The winning pitcher in both games was reliever Wilton Lopez. So even when the Astros get a win they cannot spread the wealth around.

As of August 15th, the Astros are 39-80 and would have to play over .500 ball the rest of the way to avoid 100 loses. That certainly will not happen and its very possible the Astros will lose more than 106 games this year. Piece of crap worthy if you ask me.

#8 Jonathan Sanchez, Former Starting Pitcher, Kansas City Royals

A look of frustration has been the familiar theme for Sanchez and Royals fans this year

On November 7, 2011, Kansas City Royals acquired RHP Jonathan Sanchez in a trade from the San Francisco Giants. In return, the Royals traded Melky Cabrera to the Giants. Cabrera, was coming off a nice season in which he hit .305 and smacked 18 home runs; however, the Royals had a surplus of outfielders and Wil Myers waiting in the minors, so it made sense for the Royals to make this trade and improve their starting pitching. The Royals were hoping that Sanchez would return to 2010 form.

Instead, the Royals were the victim of the one of the worst trades in recent baseball memory. Sanchez has been an absolute disaster for the Royals. After winning his first start, Sanchez ended up with a 1-6 record, 7.76 ERA, after a 1.1 IP performance on July 16, 2012, in which he gave up 7 earned runs. Sanchez never saw the 7th inning of a game all year and the Royals finally turned him loose (on July 17, 2012) by designating him for assignment. Sanchez, who will unlikely be claimed on waivers, may be given the option of going to Omaha, but I think it is probably best for all parties involved that the two just go their separate ways.

What makes this trade even worse is that Cabrera is having another career year for the Giants. He started the all-star game in Kansas City (along with former Royals OF Carlos Beltran) and ended up winning the All-Star Game MVP in his former yard. He’s hitting .353 on the year and was voted by the fans to start in the game. Oh…and Jonathan Sanchez’s replacement in the rotation, Ryan Verdugo, who was also acquired in this trade, gave up 3 earned runs in the 1st inning against Seattle tonight…as I type this…he’s just starting the 2nd inning. I wonder where this is going?

Anyway, the point of this post has been almost forgotten…..Jonathan Sanchez….you are a piece of crap.

#7 Luke Hochevar, Starting Pitcher, Kansas City Royals

(Added on May 7,, 2012). Although he was not officially on the job until one week later, you have to think that current Kansas City Royals General Manager Dayton Moore had his eye on Luke Hochevar for the Royals first round draft pick in 2006, which happened to be the #1 overall pick in the draft. In a surprise to no Royals fan, Luke Hochevar has become the 6th worst starting pitcher since 1961 who had at least 100 starts and threw at least 610 innings. To give you an idea how bad Luke Hochevar has been in 2012, he threw 7 shutout innings against the White Sox on May 12th, and still only lowered his ERA to 7.20. What makes matters worse about this #1 overall pick is that pitchers such as Tim Linceum, Clayton Kershaw, and Ian Kennedy were all drafted in the 1st round after Hochevar. Hochevar is under Royals control through 2013, but if the Royals were smart, they would non-tender him after the 2012 season (if not during the 2012 season). Needless to say, Luke Hochevar is a piece of crap. Below you can find his stats as a starting pitcher since 2008.

2008: 6-12, 5.51 ERA
2009: 7-13, 6.55 ERA
2010: 6-6, 4.81 ERA
2011: 11-11, 4.68 ERA
2012: 3-3, 7.20 ERA

That’s a 33-46 overall record and a 5.39 ERA. Nice #1 pick there Dayton.

#1 Bobby Petrino, Arkansas Head Football Coach

In reflecting on the events of the past couple weeks (late March/early April), it occurred to me that Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino probably deserved to be on this piece of crap list long before his current state of affairs. After all, he does have prior history being a piece of crap.

December 10, 2007: Bobby Petrino resigns as Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons and takes the head coaching job at the University of Arkansas.

I would cut Bobby Petrino some slack if he wanted to leave Atlanta, if only he had handled it better. Instead, Petrino handled it about the worst way possible. Petrino took over the Falcons only months before it was revealed that Michael Vick would be accused of running an illegal dog fighting ring. The Falcons were never the same team after the loss of Vick and were 3-10 on December 9, 2007. On that day, Bobby Petrino pledged his loyalty to owner Arthur Blank. What happened next was hideous and about the worst possible way Petrino could have handled it. The next day, Petrino informed his players via a hand written laminated note that he was leaving Atlanta to take the job at Arkansas. One would think that this did not happen overnight and that Petrino was negotiating with Arkansas while pledging his commitment to the Atlantic Falcons. Again, it was a tough position for Bobby Petrino to be in, but he made a bad decision, and bad decisions would not leave Petrino as he headed for Arkansas.

On Sunday, April 1, 2012, Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident. In the accident, Petrino suffered a bruised face, bruised ribs, and broken vertebrae. Petrino initially told reporters his account of how it happened. “When I came out of the ditch there was a lady there that had flagged down a car and the guy that was in the passenger seat said, ‘Get in, we’ll just take you right to the hospital.” We would quickly learn that in fact, this was not the story, as the police report was released.

Petrino was forced to tell the real story to reporters, just days after the accident. He admitted that Jessica Dorrell, a 25 year old former Arkansas volleyball player (fine looking girl I may add), who was hired on March 28th, 2012, to be Petrino’s student-athlete coordinator, was the passenger on his motorcycle. Petrino released a statement that said his concern was to “protect his family and a previous inappropriate relationship from becoming public.” Um OK, my guess is that that “inappropriate relationship” was with Jessica Dorrell and that “inappropriate relationship” had just ended.

In addition, the Arkansas State Police are investigating the involvement of a police captain who helped Petrino after the crash. Rather than calling the police, Petrino called his friend who also worked as private security for Petrino in the past. Meanwhile, Petrino remains on paid administrative leave as the Arkansas athletic director completes his internal review. A review, which may cost Petrino his job. Whatever happens does not matter, as Bobby Petrino is a piece of crap.

Oh, one last note, Jessica Dorrell is engaged to be married on June 9th. You think her fiancé is having second thoughts?

#2 The founding member of my piece of crap club is Dallas Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo.

Since becoming starting quarterback of the Cowboys, Romo is 1-3 in playoff games with 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. He’s been known to meltdown in the fourth quarter year after year, and certainly excelled in 2011 at doing that. The biggest highlights of Romo’s career are him fumbling the field goal snap during the playoffs in Seattle, and completely disappearing against a divisional playoff game against the Giants in 2007. Let’s not forget his Mexico vacation with Jessica Simpson prior to that game. Yet, a lot of people think he’s good. No, he’s just a piece of crap.

#3 Nick Diaz

I am not sure there is a bigger diva/crybaby in Mixed Martial Arts than UFC Welterweight Nick Diaz. The road to his spot in the piece of crap club was short and efficient. Diaz returned to the UFC in 2011 after spending 5 years fighting in other promotions. The move was made as a result of UFC’s parent company Zuffa, purchasing rival Strikeforce. Diaz forfeited his Strikeforce Welterweight Championship in anticipation of fighting UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre in Las Vegas last October 29th. Diaz, not one to cater to the business side of demands in the UFC, blew off multiple promotional appearances before ultimately being pulled from the title bout in favor of Carlos Condit. Diaz was given a second chance and made the most of it, defeating BJ Penn in the main event, as St. Pierre-Condit was moved to February 2012 due to a GSP injury.

After his win, Diaz called out GSP and it bothered GSP so much that he asked to fight Diaz instead. Condit obliged and Diaz was set to fight GSP on February 5th. Unfortunately, GSP tore his ACL completely and instead Diaz was booked into an interim title fight against Condit instead. Diaz lost a 5 round decision to Condit and complained after the fight about MMA judging and said he would retire because “he doesn’t need this sh*t”. Condit, outraged over the comments, specifically about his fighting, accepted a rematch with Diaz. The rematch would never happen as Diaz tested positive for Marijuana during his pre-fight test and is now facing an indefinite suspension. Nobody it seems had more chances in the last few months in MMA than Nick Diaz and he complained and threw it all the way. Piece of Crap perfection if you ask me.

UPDATE: May 12, 2012

Nick Diaz was supposed to face Braulio Estima in a grappling super fight at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo on May 12, 2012. Diaz no-showed the event and disappointed his opponent, the fans in attendance, and the people who paid $9.95 online to watch the fights.

#4 NFL Hall of Fame

I don’t really need to explain it. Peter King referred to it as a “Piece of Crap” in his February 15, 2012, interview with Dan Patrick

Peter King referring to the NFL Hall of Fame as “Piece of Crap”

He also wrote this article about it.

Peter King leaving NFL Hall of Fame Voting Committee?

#5 Digger Phelps

There is not a worse analyst in College Basketball than Digger Phelps. Nobody hates mid majors more, and nobody complains about power conference teams being left out of the NCAA Tournament more than Digger Phelps. In addition, the biggest determining factor for Digger Phelps in picking an at-large team is the “eye test” which is ironic because I believe Phelps has been legally blind since joining ESPN. There is nothing more to Phelps “eye test” than this: Power Conference-I like you….Non Power Conference….i hate you.

But mostly, what puts Digger Phelps in this club is his game picking on ESPN Gameday. Since starting its basketball version of its emmy award winning football show, ESPN has taken its crew to 63 games on various Saturdays throughout the year. Digger Phelps has picked the home team 61 times, regardless of ranking, record, or how bad they are playing down the stretch. The two times he picked the road team? That would be Notre Dame of course, as he is the biggest blind homer eer.

By the way, everytime Digger Phelps mentions his Notre Dame team that he coached ended UCLA’s 88 game winning streak, take a drink. Because I think he does it every night he’s on the air. If you ever turn on a Notre Dame game and Digger Phelps is on the broadcast…hit the mute button or change the channel. Your life will be better off for it.

#6 The 2011 Dodgers Batting Lineup Outside of Matt Kemp

For some reason in 2011, Matt Kemp did not win the NL MVP Award. It’s not like he had a big year for a bad team, The Dodgers actually went 82-79 despite all the turmoil with owner Frank McCourt, his bitter divorce from his ex-wife, and Bud Selig seizing control of the team from the Dodgers. Despite all the distractions, record low attendance, and payroll meeting uncertainly, Matt Kemp helped the Dodgers finish above .500. How he did that by himself in that batting lineup was beyond me. On the left, I am going to list Matt Kemp’s stats. On the right, I am going to post the next best player on the Dodgers in that stat category. After a quick look, you’ll realize how the rest of the Dodgers everyday lineup. And then you’ll also wonder like me how Matt Kemp was not the NL MVP.

Matt Kemp Next Closest
Home Runs 39 Rod Bajaras (16)
RBI’s 126 James Loney (65)
Stolen Bases 40 Dee Gordon (24)
Runs 115 Andre Either (67)
Hits 195 James Loney (153)
Batting Avg 0.324 Andre Either (.292)
On Base % 0.399 Andre Either (.368)
Slugging % 0.586 Rod Bajaras (.430)
OPS 0.986 Andre Either (.789)
Total Bases 353 James Loney (221)

3 responses to “Piece of Crap Club

  1. Thanks for breaking this down. I’m a Brewers fan, so I was glad to see Fielder and Braun both get big national pub with the seasons they were putting up and carrying Milwaukee to a Division title. I knew Kemp had a better season, but I of course liked to see a Milwaukee player get an award instead of a LA player. But it is pretty much fact that Kemp was the best player in the National League last year. Maybe if he would have hit one more HR and got into the “40/40″ club baseball’s writers who love statistics and “milestone” type numbers might have noticed how good he really was last year.

  2. Jose Canseco or A-ROID don’t qualify????????

  3. Kirby

    What about Iowa football, they deserve their own number, not to just be lumped in with the entire big 10!

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